Timothy Kinzey


The "T" in TECKnical Foul brings all of the energy. You can count on him to make you laugh, think, and question what you believe because #TimStats are real. Whether it's love or hate, he wants it all; or as he would say, "Give it to me!"

Camille Davis


The "C" in TECKnical Foul brings another dimension to the show with her smooth demeanor. She has a high sports IQ and a low tolerance for BS in sport conversations. Always thinking ahead; she is the Point Guard of the Crew.

Eric J.


The "E" in TECKnical Foul always keeps it cool with his smarts and quick wit. From the statistics he brings up every show to the sharp analytical feedback he gives, THE Eric J. is the stabilizing force for this wild bunch.

Ken Harris


The "K" in TECKnical Foul has one of the most distinct laughs you'll ever hear. He wears his fandom on his sleeve but doesn't let that influence all of his sport takes. He's insightful but he never misses a moment to get a joke or two off.