Episode 27: Jerry Rice...Overrated?


Welcome back to another week of our tomfoolery. After our intros we briefly discussed how our Thanksgivings were, and touched on the results of our #TECKTop5 Thanksgiving Draft from last week. We also discussed the upcoming Ugly Sweater party on Saturday, December 23rd at Ugly's so make sure you come out!

As usual, we covered a wide range of topics on this episode, including NFL, NBA, NCAA, and WWE. You can listen to this episode via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Soundcloud; you can also skip ahead to the topic of your choosing by clicking on the corresponding time stamp(s).


Topic discussion began with our thoughts on who the top NFC and AFC teams are (00:13:00), followed by us diving into the latest standings and picks for our Pick ‘Em Pool (00:18:48). Next, we discussed Eli Manning being benched and what we think his future holds (00:27:55) and Jimmy Garoppolo getting the start in San Francisco (00:34:03). We finished up our NFL conversations by discussing the latest injury news (00:35:40).


We continued the injuries discussion by highlighting the latest NBA injuries (00:36:34) which led into a discussion about Kevin Love’s big game against the Heat and what it’s like playing with LeBron James (00:38:08).

We then discussed the Grizzlies firing David Fizdale and what Memphis is doing (00:40:41), what’s going on with Derrick Rose (00:47:14), and Giannis “threatening” his assistant coach (00:52:38). We wrap things by discussing Enes Kanter telling his teammates to fight (00:55:53) and Joakim Noah playing G-League ball (00:57:55).


“Have you ever seen anything like this?” We start by discussing the crazy Alabama vs. Minnesota basketball game (00:58:49). We then discussed the latest college football playoff rankings and the upcoming championship weekend (01:02:49). We wrapped things up by discussing some coaching hirings, firings, and snafus (01:09:42).


Quick hits on what we think would be dream WrestleMania matches (01:11:58), what we think Kane should REALLY be doing right now (01:12:47), and the origins of Money In The Bank (01:14:09).


We then went to our TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime Facebook group to respond to listener questions and comments from the following:

  • Tori: Is it okay for a team to lay down on their coach? Is this protest a disservice to the fans who purchase tickets to see them play because they support their team? (01:16:32)

  • Tim J.: Cavs being on a nine-game win streak has silenced all the premature worrying...crazy how they start out slow, and now that they’re winning...not a sound heard. (01:20:38)

  • Omar: The end of the Eli Era, does he retire, do the Giants stick with him, do they trade him? Do the Clippers consider blowing it up after the Blake injury (01:22:35)

  • Anthony: LeBron getting his first ejection, Blake’s injury, Memphis firing their coach, D. Rose taking time off (01:24:49)

  • KG: Is the #2 NBA pick a bust? Are the Eagles capable of making it to the NFL Championship? Thoughts on LeBron’s first ejection ever in his career. Should the Bucks go after DeAndre Jordan? Erykah Badu’s tribute to Kaepernick (01:25:10)


Quick hits on:

  • Josh Gordon’s claims of selling $10,000 worth of weed per month while at Baylor (01:31:18)

  • Chris Bosh keeping his options open with basketball (01:32:58)

  • Ron Artest playing in Big3 League on Killer 3’s with Stephen Jackson and Charles Oakley (01:33:17)

  • Marlins warn Giancarlo Stanton to accept a trade otherwise he’ll be the only star left (01:34:42)

  • Jack Swagger (Jack Hager) leaving WWE to become fighter with Bellator (01:36:30)


Who else could it be? Michael Crabtree had to be the one this week after getting his chain snatched AGAIN, even though he taped it to himself this time (01:40:45).


We reviewed the results of last week’s #TECKTop5 poll (01:45:20) before dropped our #TECKTop5 greatest wide receivers of all-time (01:45:58). To drop your own #TECKTop5, or vote on the poll, make sure that you are a member of our Facebook group, TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime.


(01:51:50) After Camille stormed out, the rest of the crew wrapped things up by dropping social media handles and saying goodbyes. Thanks for listening, remember to share the show with your friends, and check back in next week!

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