Episode 30: Bottles Up


THIRTY EPISODES IN!! *Battle Rap Horns*

Just because it’s cause for celebration, we started this week’s show off by turnin’ up to the new Jeezy and just enjoying the moment. Introductory conversation was all over the place from Tim’s du-rag material beater to how we need royalties from other podcasts using the #TimStats bell. We also talked about where we’d be on Saturday (at Ugly’s for the FREE Ugly Sweater Party) and the TECKies; vote and then come on out for a good time.

As usual, we covered a wide range of topics on this episode, including NFL, NBA, and WWE. You can listen to this episode via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Soundcloud; you can also skip ahead to the topic of your choosing by clicking on the corresponding time stamp(s).


We kicked things off by discussing last week’s Pick ‘Em Pool standings and making our Week 16 NFL picks (00:15:25), followed by us discussing the Steelers/Patriots game and the catch rule (00:22:20), accusations against Panthers owner Jerry Richardson who is now selling the team and if Diddy is a suitable owner (00:24:40).

Next, we discussed the rumors about Marvin Lewis’s future with the Bengals (00:28:36) and the hit Thomas Davis laid on Davante Adams to get suspended (00:30:03). We finished up this topic discussion by discussing the latest in NFL injury news and if the Ted Thompson era in Green Bay should end (00:31:18).


Continuing the injury discussion, we highlighted the latest NBA injuries (00:35:52). Next we had a conversation about Kobe’s jersey retirement and what a Kobe statue should look like (00:37:15). We then discussed Erik Spoelstra’s record breaking day (00:39:48), the Bucks cutting Gary Payton II (00:41:51), and the NBA creating the Jr. NBA World Championship (00:43:34). We ended this segment discussing Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas squashing their beef (00:45:46).


After recapping Clash of the Champions, it led to a discussion about Daniel Bryan’s future (00:49:10). Next, we briefly discussed the upcoming Braun-Brock-Kane title match at Royal Rumble (00:51:43), the first ever all-women Rumble match (00:53:27), and finished the segment up discussing Miz being the Rolling Stone’s “Wrestler of the Year” (00:54:28).


We cut on Facebook Live and then went to our TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime Facebook group to respond to listener questions and comments from the following:

  • Willie Mo: Is Harden the MVP or should CP3 get more consideration? (00:57:30)

  • Darius H: Can you discuss NFL injuries/if the NFL should they get rid of TNF; Trae Young; OKC struggles; and if the Rockets are legit title contenders? (00:59:23)

  • PJ: Should the NBA All Star draft be done publicly? (01:06:00)

  • Nick B: What are your Christmas Day game predictions? (01:07:55)

  • Chris G: Is LeBron James an “old head” based on his time in the league even though he’s only 32? (01:09:32)

  • Vic C.: Is LeBron James a fair comp for Ben Simmons? (01:11:22)


Quick hits on:

  • Rays trading 3B Evan Longoria to the Giants (01:14:10)

  • Brock Lesnar possibly playing the son of fictional boxer Ivan Drago in Creed 2 (01:15:28)

  • ESPN President, John Skipper, resigning due to a substance addiction problem (01:16:30)

  • Vince McMahon reportedly wanting to bring back the XFL (01:16:48)

  • Justin Gatlin’s coach being linked to PED usage (01:19:58)

  • Lane Kiffin signing a 10-year extension at FAU (01:20:31)

  • Charlie Villanueva’s Dallas home being burglarized and the thief even stealing a toilet (01:21:05)

  • Turkey seeking 4-year prison sentence for Enes Kanter for insulting President Erdogan (01:23:05)

  • Lavar Ball creating the Junior Basketball Association aka the JBA (01:23:54)

BLOW THE WHISTLE Two victims this week:

  1. Camille decided to call out Henry Wofford for his comments which discussing Diddy wanting to buy the Panthers and his trash apology (01:26:58)

  2. And Eric finished up the segment by calling out Zack Brown for going on Twitter to discuss how he purposely headhunts and making it hard for defensive players who play the game properly (01:28:47)


We went live on Instagram, reviewed the results of last week’s #TECKTop5 poll, and read some listener’s lists (01:32:54) before we dropped our #TECKTop5 greatest shooting guards of all-time (01:34:10). To drop your own #TECKTop5 or vote on the poll, make sure that you are a member of our Facebook group, TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime.


(01:41:11) We wrapped things up by dropping our social media handles and saying our goodbyes. Thanks for listening, remember to share the show with your friends, and check back in next week!

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