Episode 34: Fight Night


Come on and take part in our...Mularkey (see what we did there). Before getting into the sports we recapped how our weeks went, what our favorite accents are, and had Ken give a sentimental speech about why it's important for you to share the show. As usual, we covered a wide range of topics on this episode, including the NFL, NBA, and WWE. You can listen to this episode via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Soundcloud; you can also skip ahead to the topic of your choosing by clicking on the corresponding time stamp(s).


Had to start things off by discussing what happened during the Divisional Round of the playoffs. First by recapping who our listeners thought would would win each game (00:11:20), Mike Tomlin’s interesting coaching decisions (00:13:19), and the ending of the Saints - Vikings game (00:14:51). Next we talked about Le’Veon Bell threatening to retire if he’s franchised tagged again (00:20:16), the Titans parting ways with Mike Mularkey (00:22:47), and the NFL investigating if the Raiders’ violated the Rooney Rule (00:25:18).

The discussion turned to the NFL’s 2018 slate of London games and if we’d ever personally travel overseas to see our team play (00:26:09). We finished things up by discussing Todd Haley not returning to the Steelers next season (00:29:00) and who we think will win the upcoming Conference Championship Round games (00:30:52).


Zach Lavine made his Chicago Bulls debut so we talked about what he brings to the team (00:33:16) before getting into the reports from anonymous Cleveland Cavaliers “players” about the team’s problems (00:34:40). We let Paul Pierce live this week as we discussed his jersey retirement taking precedence over Isaiah Thomas’ video tribute (00:39:09) before we discussed Steve Clifford’s upcoming return to the Charlotte Hornets (00:42:20).

Next we discussed Adam Silver still being in his chest body about televising the All-Star Game draft (00:42:33), before getting in all of the fights and skirmishes that have taken place over the past week (00:44:18). This topic discussion ends with us wondering what in the world is going on with Markelle Fultz (00:50:53) and the latest in NBA injury news (00:51:34).


There’s been a lot going on in the world of sports entertainment, so we kicked things off discussing the upcoming RAW 25 Supershow and our favorite moments in RAW history (00:52:25). Eric then encouraged everyone to join the FREE TECKnical Foul Royal Rumble Pool whether they used to watch wrestling or currently do (00:55:23). Next we discussed Goldberg’s upcoming entry into the WWE Hall of Fame (00:56:09) and Paige’s latest injury and what that means for her future (00:58:03).

Jey Uso was arrested for a DWI so we discussed if that would affect the Uso’s title retention odds (00:59:26) before talking about Roman Reigns and the steroid allegations against him (01:00:59). We finished things up by talking about Ricochet signing with the WWE (01:02:20) and why someone should purchase the WWE Network (01:05:00).


Quick hits on:

  • Sloane Stephens and Venus Williams being upset in the Australian Open (01:07:53)

  • A West Virginia University player punching a fan during a court storming (01:08:58)

  • Georgetown men’s basketball team having a throwback night without cell phones (01:09:51)

  • Ronaldinho retiring from professional soccer, with an Ode from Tim (01:11:49)

  • North Korea and South Korea unifying for the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (01:14:21)

  • Washington State University QB Tyler Hilinski being found dead (01:16:19)

  • Kobe Bryant’s new ESPN show “Detail” premiering in March (01:16:54)

  • The Army filing a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Golden Knights for copyright infringement (01:18:47)

  • Jonathan Gonzalez choosing to play with Mexico instead of USMNT (01:19:42)

BLOW THE WHISTLE Two-for-one with the victims this week:

  • Camille had to call out Klay Thompson for his hypocrisy as well as the fan who was thrown out for his ignorance (01:20:20).


We went live on Instagram AND Facebook while reviewing the results of last week’s #TECKTop5 poll that Eric won (01:22:44) before we dropped our #TECKTop5 greatest quarterbacks of all-time (01:23:25). To drop your own #TECKTop5 or to vote on the poll, make sure that you are a member of our TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime Facebook group.


(01:30:30) We wrapped things up by dropping our social media handles and saying goodbyes. Thanks for listening, remember to share the show with your friends, and check back in next week!

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