TECKnical Foul Royal Rumble Pool: The List

Thank you to everyone who signed up for our FREE Royal Rumble Pool. Some names on the list below appear twice, this is because only 18 people signed up for the pool. As a reward for entering early, the first 12 people to express interest were assigned two numbers. The list was randomized four different times on random.com.

As a reminder of how this works: if the wrestler who enters the men's Royal Rumble match at your assigned number wins the entire match, then you will win a TECKnical Foul "swag package." Here is the randomized order for the 2018 men's Royal Rumble Match:

  1. @TP4DatAzz

  2. Omar H.

  3. Nick B.

  4. @MicahBeHotti

  5. Colin M.

  6. Elliot D.

  7. @Bri_is287

  8. Vay

  9. T. Free

  10. Vay

  11. @JOB41475

  12. Jennifer J.

  13. T. Free

  14. @JOB41475

  15. Elliot D.

  16. Mike M.

  17. Tyree T.

  18. Chris M.

  19. Mike M.

  20. Nick B.

  21. Mack D.

  22. @Bri_is287

  23. Tyree T.

  24. Colin M.

  25. Mack D.

  26. @choctaw_red

  27. Tim J.

  28. Tim J.

  29. Chris M.

  30. @Arsenal_23

The winner will be acknowledged HERE on this website and during our upcoming show. Good luck!

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