Episode 50: Horse Handler


What’s beef? Before getting into the show we discussed PTO, Camille’s terrible week, signs that we’re getting older, and when you know you’ve reached your alcohol limit. As usual, we covered a wide range of topics on this episode, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and WWE. You can listen to this episode via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Soundcloud; you can also skip ahead to the topic of your choosing by clicking on the corresponding time stamp(s).


We kicked the show off by recapping the latest stories and news surrounding the second round of the NBA Playoffs (00:13:00) and kept that same energy by discussing the NHL Playoffs (00:34:32). After all the playoff talk, we discussed Jason Witten REALLY retiring (00:35:21), Kane winning the Knox County Republican primary (00:35:46), and Hulk Hogan’s imminent return to WWE (00:37:23). We briefly discussed the Washington Football team dance team scandal (00:38:35) before moving on to more positive news.

Brotha Suzuki aka Ichiro transitioned out of a playing role into a front office position so Tim and Ken paid tribute to his playing career (00:41:19). Things got weird as we discussed the Kentucky Derby and breeding thoroughbreds (00:44:12) but we got back on track to discuss Ben Roethlisberger being in his chest body (00:48:57) and the latest NBA coaching news (00:52:42). The New Orleans Saints were in the news for cutting Coby Fleener (00:56:02) and their running back, Mark Ingram, being suspended by the NFL for PED usage (00:56:29) so we briefly touched on those stories.

Cardinals C Yadier Molina was injured in a painful fashion so we discussed that (00:57:35) before getting into the news around Dez Bryant having no market (01:02:08), LaMelo Ball playing in the JBA (01:02:51), and the best matches from WWE Backlash (01:03:26). Matt Ryan got cashed out so we discussed that and what that could mean for Aaron Rodgers (01:07:10). Next we talked about the Your Call Football league (01:09:21) and the new UFC/ESPN TV deal (01:10:26).

The NFL is trying to figure out what to do in regards to the National Anthem so we discussed why we think that is (01:10:56). We then turned our attention to Albert Pujols getting to 3,000 hits (01:11:58), select WNBA games streaming via Twitter (01:12:32), and Eric Reid filing a collusion grievance against the NFL (01:13:12). We finished up the topic discussions by discussing Timberwolves assistant Rick Brunson resigning (01:13:33), MLB power rankings (01:14:10), Bobby Lashley’s possible Summerslam match (01:16:00), and the latest NFL transactions (01:16:59).


We cut on Facebook Live and then went to our TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime Facebook group to respond to listener questions from the following:

  • Dwayne: What are the Cavaliers chances now? They went from not making it out of the first round to being the Raptors legal guardians. (01:17:50)

  • Jerrell: Is Ben Simmons lack of a jumper hurting the 76ers? (01:18:59)

  • Jerrell/Mack: How is Boston going to manage play time once their stars return? Should they get rid of those two? (01:20:16)

  • Mack: How do you like heel Shinsuke Nakamura? And do you have any early predictions for ROY in the NFL? (01:22:30)

  • TY: What’s the progress on Vince’s MAGA league? Who would you trade for Boogie or Bari? Why should people care about baseball? Thoughts on Johnny Manziel being hospitalized for a medication “reaction”? And...This Is America. (01:23:23)

  • Dwyane: What y’all doing to the booty smacker if that was your kid? (01:27:45)

  • Beta Male: Maybe the depleted Celtics are actually pretty good? Maybe Brad Stevens is really an amazing coach? (01:28:43)


Three victims this week:

  1. Boston Bruins’ player Brad Marchand (01:29:44)

  2. Charles Barkley/Andrew Polk (01:32:16)

  3. The Philadelphia 76ers arena staff (01:33:45)


We reviewed the results of last week’s #TECKTop5 poll that Tim won (01:35:34) before we dropped our #TECKTop5 Best Sports Beef (01:37:17). To drop your own #TECKTop5 or to vote on the poll, make sure that you are a member of our TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime Facebook group.


(01:44:37) We wrapped things up by dropping our social media handles and saying our goodbyes. Thanks for listening, remember to share the show with your friends, and check back in next week!

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