One-Year Anniversary Recap

On June 4, 2017 we dropped the first official episode of the TECKnical Foul Podcast. We’d like to thank you all for the support you’ve given us over the first year of the show and we’re hopeful that you’ll continue to rock with us over the next year and beyond. We’ve put together some fun facts and stats from year one that you can check out below…no #TimStats.

#TECKTop5 Standings

We started polling listeners to pick the best #TECKTop5 rankings back in Episode 10 and we thought it’d be fun to give you an update on the results of those polls (through Episode 52):

  • Tim: 5 wins

  • Eric: 15 wins

  • Camile: 10 wins

  • Ken: 12 wins

The longest winning streak belongs to Ken and Eric (Ken from Episode 37 to 39; Eric from Episode 50 to 52). The longest winless streak belongs to Tim (from Episode 37 to 49). We generally record with libations on hand, so we’ve recently begun making the loser of periodic polls (meaning the lowest vote-getter) buy the next bottle. So far, Tim, Camille and Ken have each had to buy bottles of alcohol for the cast.

Blow the Whistle

The following have earned the dubious honor of having the cast “Blow the Whistle” on them for flagrant behavior: Maria Sharapova, 2K Sports, Darryl Strawberry, Trolling Fans Gone Wrong, Ray Lewis, University of Kentucky's defense, Danny Trevathan, The Rams uniform, Cam Newton,

The NFL, Fans who cheer injuries, Skip Bayless, Roger Goodell, Michael Crabtree, Rob Gronkowski, Herm Edwards, Henry Wofford, Zack Brown, Jason Kidd, Elfrid Payton’s hair,

Davin Bellamy, Drake, Ted Valentine, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Klay Thompson & The Ejected Fan, Larry Nassar, David Blatt, Sexism during the Royal Rumble, Florida Gators basketball fans, New York Knicks fans, The Trail Blazer fans who can't play “Tic-Tac-Toe“, Jacob Copeland's mom, Laura Ingraham, Rae Carruth, Lonzo Ball, “Anonymous” Sources, Stephen Ross, Nathan Tempe, Disrespect in our FB group, Virginia Tech Women’s Lacrosse Team, Bob McNair, University of Cincinnati Volleyball Program, The Denver Post, Belair Cantina, Grandview Golf Club, Yahoo! Sports, Adrien Broner, Brad Marchand, Charles Barkley/Andrew Polk, The Philadelphia 76ers arena staff, Sidney Gilstrap-Portly, and John Cena.

Most Popular Episodes

  1. Episode 9: We Live, Baby!

  2. Pilot: GS in 4?!

  3. Episode 26: Pass The Peas

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  5. Episode 14: Swag Package

Other Places to Find Us

We are a part of a crazy podcasting community and over the last year we’ve had the opportunity to be featured on a number of Wisconsin-based podcasts that you should definitely check out. That list includes the following:

  • 72 & 10 Podcast

  • Sweats & Suits

  • Don’t Take It Personal

  • Young, Black and Opinionated

  • Railbird Central

  • Such a F’n Lady

  • #20SomethingSeries

***And a special shoutout to the fifth member of our show, Everyday Duch (from 72 & 10). He is the Podfather and our super-producer. We literally could not do the show without him.***

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve been listening to us since the beginning, you’ve heard us go through some serious growing pains; but, you’ve also heard us successfully participate in the Milwaukee Podcast Festival, you’ve been there for a number of live events, you’ve possibly purchased our limited edition t-shirt. Just this past weekend, you saw the launch of our second show, The Last Possession. You’ve been with us for personal milestones like graduations, weddings, and real estate purchases; and personal tragedies like the deaths of loved ones.

A little known fact is that Tim and Eric barely knew Ken prior to the show, so you’ve also witnessed the growth of a brotherhood in real-time. Basically, what we’re saying is that you’ve seen us grow. Not just as an entertaining podcast but as people. The fact that you listen every week and interact with us on social media never ceases to amaze us. Camille always says that “without you, we don’t grow”; but more importantly, without you, all this doesn’t exist.

So thank you for making year one such a great experience for the T, the E, the C, and the K. GIVE IT TO ME!!


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