Episode 72: Too Many Titles


So many jokes...so many possible titles that we couldn't decide on just one. To kick off the show, we talked about how creative the internet is, Tim's wild journey at the dentist, and Camille going to see a Prince symphony. Before getting into the topic discussions, we discussed this past week's This Or That, which shot was more clutch: Ray Allen (G6 - 2013) or Kyrie Irving (G7 - 2016)...our listeners overwhelming chose Ray Allen while we were split as a cast.


As usual, we covered a wide range of topics on this episode, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and WWE. You can listen to this episode via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Soundcloud; you can also skip ahead to the topic of your choosing by going directly to the corresponding time stamp(s) to hear us discuss:

  • Week 6 of the NFL (00:19:00)

  • The 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith and John Carlos winning gold and bronze at the 1968 Olympics and subsequent black power salute protest on the medal stand (00:30:22)

  • HHH's statement that Vince McMahon has never seen a full episode of NXT (00:33:00)

  • NBA and NFL Transactions (00:35:00)

  • The Nevada Athletic Commission suspending McGregor and Khabib (00:38:57)

  • NFL, NBA and MLB Injuries (00:39:37)

  • OSU DE Nick Bosa deciding to sit out the remainder of the season to rehab a core injury (00:41:48)

  • Newly appointed USA Gymnastics CEO/President Mary Bono's criticism (00:44:26)

  • The New York Knicks deciding against signing Kristaps Porzingis to a rookie extension (00:45:25)

  • Respects paid to former Packers RB Jim Taylor, former USC S Kevin Ellison, Tex Winters, and Paul Allen (00:46:32)

  • Rae Carruth being scheduled to be released from prison on October 22nd (00:47:55)

  • MLB Playoffs (00:49:08)

  • Chris Bosh seeking medical clearance to resume his NBA career (00:56:28)

  • Eric’s Top 100 NBA players list (01:00:08)

  • Three Democrat Senators calling for WWE to “pause” on dealings with Saudi government (01:04:25)

  • Jaguars owner Shad Khan exploring the tax implications of moving team to London (01:06:19)

  • Giants owner John Mara discussing Odell Beckham Jr. (01:07:37)

  • The Jimmy Butler saga (01:09:40)

  • The Alliance of American Football's season opening plans (01:17:10)

  • NCAA AP Top 10 (01:21:40)

  • Joel Embiid's new Under Armor deal (01:23:05)

  • The Raiders reportedly “shopping” WR Amari Cooper (01:23:35)

  • WNBA President Lisa Borders stepping down to become President/CEO of Time’s Up (01:25:47)

  • LeBron James saying that he shares wine with his sons (01:26:14)

  • Week 6 Pick Em Pool Recap/ Week 7 Pick Em Pool Picks (01:30:30)


We went to our TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime Facebook group to respond to listener questions from the following:

  • Triple T: What NBA player will you be watching closely this year to have a breakout year? (01:38:37)

  • Triple T: Y’all thoughts on Jalen Ramsey getting humbled by the blowout on Sunday and having nothing to say? (01:39:30)

  • Triple T: Toliver getting hired as an assistant coach on the Wizards is major!!! How y’all feel about it? (01:40:09)

  • Triple T: How long will Jimmy Butler stay in Minnesota? And if he is traded where do you think the incompetent Coach Thibs will trade him? (01:40:55)

  • Triple T: Will Mike McCarthy lose his job before the season ends? (01:41:45)

  • Triple T: Y’all cashin’ out if the Brewers make the World Series? (01:43:24)

  • Cereal Sensei: Had injuries not plagued either player, who would have had the better NBA Career? Grant Hill or Penny Hardaway? (01:45:28)

  • Vic: In honor of the Bucks, who are the ugliest NBA players of all time? I think the Bucks had a terrible stint: Anthony Mason, Tyrone Hill, Sam Cassell, Darvin “Dumbo Ears” Ham (01:47:40)

  • Vic: Who do you expect to be the biggest surprise team in NBA? Positive surprise (exceed expectations) and negative surprise (doesn’t fulfill hype) (01:48:54)


One victim this week:

  1. Disrespectful Patriots Fans (01:50:38)


We reviewed the results of last week’s #TECKTop5 poll that Tim and Eric won (01:52:36) before we dropped our #TECKTop5 Top Smackdown Superstars of All-Time (01:53:52). To drop your own #TECKTop5 or to vote on the poll, make sure that you are a member of our TECKnical Foul Pod: Overtime Facebook group.


(01:58:58) We wrapped things up by dropping our social media handles and saying our goodbyes. Thanks for listening, remember to share the show with your friends, and check back in next week!

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