2019 TECKnical Foul Royal Rumble Pool: The Rules

Comment below to enter the TECKnical Foul Royal Rumble Pool! For the second straight year, TECKnical Foul is running a Royal Rumble pool! “What the hell is a Royal Rumble pool?” you ask? Great question! The WWE Men’s Royal Rumble is a 30 man match in which participants enter every 90 seconds and attempt to throw their opponents over the top rope until only one wrestler remains. Each pool entrant will be assigned a number that corresponds to a wrestler’s entrance number in the Royal Rumble. If the wrestler that enters at your assigned number wins the match, you win the pool! Winners of this year’s pool will be awarded the brand new TECKnical Foul T-Shirt! The final list of participants will be released here on www.tecknicalfoul.com and on our social media accounts before the Royal Rumble event on Sunday, January 27th. There are only 30 spots available and they are on a first come, first served basis. (Note: Entry number assignments will be done by random number generation.) To enter, comment below with your name (nicknames are fine) and email address. You must be following TECKnical Foul on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to enter. While you’re here, be sure to listen, like, subscribe and share TECKnical Foul episodes because without you, we don’t grow! The winner will be announced on the January 30th episode of TECKnical Foul Podcast.

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