2019 TECKnical Foul Royal Rumble Pool: The List

Thank you to everyone who signed up for our FREE Royal Rumble Pool. The list was randomized four different times on random.com.

As a reminder of how this works: if the wrestler who enters the men's Royal Rumble match at your assigned number wins the entire match, then you will win a TECKnical Foul t-shirt. Here is the randomized order for the 2019 men's Royal Rumble Match:

  1. Isaiah W.

  2. @GatorTough39

  3. Jennifer J.

  4. Rachaad H.

  5. Martin 2 Cool

  6. Duch

  7. Camille D.

  8. Tori

  9. Brandon S.

  10. Jennessa T.

  11. K. Harris

  12. Chris M

  13. Eric J.

  14. @MixxDaOldHead

  15. Josh B.

  16. Diver Dan

  17. Mack D.

  18. @JOB41475

  19. DuWonne D.

  20. Chuck Snow

  21. The Mayor

  22. Langston V.

  23. @FreeYourMindPod

  24. Nick B.

  25. Tim K.

  26. Sam K.

  27. Martenzie J.

  28. Darius H.

  29. Jerel M.

  30. @TimBigTime08

The winner will be acknowledged HERE on this website and during our upcoming show. Good luck!

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